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Mon, Jun. 14th, 2004, 09:30 pm
Play sausage! Who has the longest?

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created by nightway

Sun, Jan. 11th, 2004, 11:12 pm


i wont say who this is...lol!!!!!!!1

Wed, Nov. 26th, 2003, 03:47 pm

ok lol zzzzz
i stop posting again QQ i dun have much time and updating is pointless as no one watch my blog o.o so i stop updating ~_~
if u wanna see my progress to lvl 50 then just look at my linweb :) its open


Thu, Nov. 13th, 2003, 10:05 pm

Bah~~~ nothing really happened lately i joined new pledge
where many friends are in.
I didnt get any drops or anything like that ~_____~ i bought soome new stufff
I also went to dm almost all made it to boss round including me
the boss was vala ~_~ i teled cuz i dont have mb and had only 5 ojs left
and i was lagging and i wasnt fullaw so .... QQ
ill post some Screenshots tomorrow but im to tired to post them now ~_~
time to sleep >< need to wake up at 6am >< for school.... and i get home at 4pm..... ewwwww
sux well gn~


Tue, Nov. 11th, 2003, 05:59 pm
Fun Fun

Hi!! :)

I got another update~ with some more "interesting" screenshots O.o;
First of all i want to say that one of my best lineage friends Githz will update here too.
we will see if he do o.O i hope it will cuz its fun ^^.
First i went to camp drake and of course this is what i got ---_---
0 drops....
i got..... 0 drops from it! woot~ >_<
i didnt even get to hit it... cuz of some dumb elf with 3 dogs that blocked they way..
Dont u guys hate it too when ppl bring dogs to drakes? i do >< cuz they always block the way...
enough complaining for now ^^. after that i went to other drake and i got this.
junk drops from drake
all junk ~_~ but atleast i got something...
after that i went to FV and a found Ifrit ^^ Ifrit is always fun to kill and not hard.
i got this from it
junk from ifrit
Not good drops but like i said its fun to kill ifrit ^^
i also went to toi floor 1 to 10. The hunt started with me Gangstahx Jaded and Goddessloth all from ElvenRDR pledge :)
at 4th floor GoddessLoth got problems with hotkeys and weird stuff like that so she left.
so from now it was me Jaded and Gangstahx we went all the way to 10th floor.
After being a while at 10th floor Jaded had to get ready for work so she left aswell.
so now its just me and Gangstahx.
We went to see if Zenith Queen was up but she wasnt :( then our mp and pots ran out so we left :)
here is a screenshot
Toi hunt
Thanks for the fun Jaded, Gangstahx and Goddessloth!
I also went Drake camping with Githz and Interlight :) i forgot to take screenshots but maybe Githz has some :)
we were in party so u can see the drops we got as total :)
Then i went to hunt in FV again and a tauv had a little present for me ^^
Ndai from taurverus
Always nice to get a Ndai :)
At the end of the day i went to sell alll my junks
Junks to sell
Thats it for now ill update again soon :)


Mon, Nov. 10th, 2003, 05:32 pm
Githz Post

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Sun, Nov. 9th, 2003, 02:45 pm

Im feeling to update blog again O.o so here is a long update with many screenshots!!! :)
ok heres the deal.
My elf is now lvl 49.35 I didnt want to lvl the elf anymore cuz it got soooo boring.
so i made a knight. Im not gonna say name yet cuz i wanna lvl in peace first ^^;
Its lvl 47 now i made it 1 and half week ago.
my knight isnow my main char
enough talking ^^;; ill show some cool screenshots i found and made in the time i didnt update
here they are!!!!
This is my knight!
thats my knight getting Great axe and 2 handed sword from one golem ^^
Czel from Top drake
I got this czel from top drake when i was still playing Elf :)
Bdai from egg with my knight during DK event
Bdai from egg during last DK event ^^;
Ndai from ogre
Ndai from ogre while i was powerlvling my knight in DV :)
Ogre Belt
One of my best friends in lineage got this from ogre some time ago :)
+10 Rapier
Someone showed me this beauty some time ago v.v
this were the most fun screen shots i got more but those suck ^^.
This was my update~!!! ill update more later so plz come visit my blog again ^^


Thu, Sep. 4th, 2003, 05:30 pm

Hi woot woot another update :p
hmmmm where to start
First i want to Congrats Guuru a pledge mate with his Bday! woot :)
he also got a blog see my links :).
here a some pics :o
Guuru&apos;s Bday
2 Days ago there was a big fight at top drake.
RDR also fought there.
here are some end dai picss :).
End dai!
you also see my law after the fight ~~
i ended 2 real chars and rest is a chao maker. :)
here is worst croc drop i ever got T_T
BAd croc drop
i Also went to hunt FV.
and the first Astagio or how my friend likes to name them Mike Tyson's gave me this
Nzel from Astagio
And in the same hunt a lvl up! not from me :p but my doggie
Priojil lvl up!
He's lvl 34 now! w00t :p
After that i went back to OWL and got this
NZel from Ghoul
another nzel! lol.... its not great but its better then nothing :)
when i was getting my law back i got a nice amount of law :p
look how 1337! i am :p
lol ~~
well time to go hunt again.
Reset is over :/ but they Delayed Dark Elf -_- what a lamers~~~~~


Sun, Aug. 31st, 2003, 04:56 pm

Hi!! :P
i got no SS yet but ill do a small update :)
i added some links and a Buy/Sell part and a counter :)
so i can see how many ppl visit my stupid blog :)
i got 13% xp now and
i bought +5 Bracer and +5 Cop.
mmmmm dont have anything else to say
oh btw ill add more links later :]

Sat, Aug. 30th, 2003, 05:20 pm

Hiiii!!!! :)

First i want to Congratzzzzzzz Githz for reaching lvl 51!!!!! woo hoo gogoog 52 :)
Githz lvl 51!!!
And i also want to Thank Ahmda for helping me making links :).
A Leader of RDR was telling End Nacho0 if u see him cuz he hit one of our members.
i asked where is he? he said OWL so i went there and look for that noob.
so i found him hit him couple times and then....
Nacho0 end 2 times
first time i ended him he kept lying on floor so i ressed him.
then he say "This gonna be a War"
so i said ok and killed him again O.o
then i went to hunt fv with my friend DaRkSunCLub.
we found Ifrit i got 1 drop and DaRkSunCLub got a Ndai
Katana from ifrit
hmmm this is all i got to say
ill make some more links now :)


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